Thursday, February 18, 2016
It's been a ridiculously long time since I've posted *UPDATE* I got married and pregnant and life took over. We are expecting a little boy May 14th and we are naming him Walter James. Obviously the little guy is going to be pooping so here's what's up:

I've done some serious Amazon-ing and google-ing today. Here's what I came up with:
According to some lady on the internet babies use diapers (for the first year) as follows:
Newborn: 200 (+)
size1: 200 (150-300)
size2: 600 (550-650)
size3: 1100 (700-1400)
Using that as the basis for calculating diaper costs for year one:

Pampers swaddlers will run you $531.56
N-240, 1-216, 2-558, 3-1134 (size and number of diapers)

Huggies little snugglers run $556.79
N-264, 1-216, 2-558, 3-1134

Luvs for whatever reason skips size 3 but it runs to $572.12
N-200, 1-252, 2-648, 4-1120

I also went ahead and priced the disposable inserts for gDiapers if your're using the disposables full time, the sizing is different but I went with
N/sm 320 inserts
M/L/XL 1664 inserts
and the grand total using amazon is $740.96 which if you use subscribe and save you can get the same amount for $612.70 of course if you're using the gDiapers you have the option of cloth inserts part or full time which seriously cuts that number down.

Using Amazon (because I have prime and I love amazon) you can get
12 newborn gPants (@$54.98/6) for about $110
6 small pants for $79.99
6 med pants for $78.97
Which puts your upfront cost to $268.92
plus you'll want 6 pouches in each size (2x $18.18) $36.36
and 6 cloth inserts for each size ($24.93 + $25.70) $50.63
so you add the cloth inserts and pouches to the pants for $355.91
The gPants don't come with cloth liners like some other pocket diaper brands do so I'm pretty sure you'll want more than just 6/size though I don't know what is actually necessary.
They also have what's called the newborn bundle on amazon which includes 12 newborn gPants, 6 small gPants and 80 disposable inserts for $124.71. Even if you aren't planning on going disposable and you just throw them out completely that still saves you $65.24 on the cost of gPants. If you take that off your total cost you'll be at $290.67 for gPants/pouches and a cloth insert for each and you'll have 80 disposable inserts sitting around. 
If you throw in another 160 sm inserts($55.06) and 640 m/l/xl inserts($48.28/128) to do disposable part time (like when you're out, on vacation, when husband does changes) which would cost $296.46 so you add that to the pants cost you get $587.13 for year one involving a mix of disposable and cloth liners. 

If you use diaperjunction.com you can get 

Best Bottom diapers (which are made in the USA and that's super important to my husband -I'm sure other cloth diapers are too but these were advertised as such) Which includes 9 bottoms (one size fits all 8-35lbs) and 24 cloth inserts for $238.05 with free shipping however there is no option to use disposable inserts like there is with some other brands. 
Bumgenius (which is also available on amazon so I hate to say it but this was a better deal) with free shipping and also made in the USA... 12 bottoms (one size again) with 12 inserts for $222.64 they also offer a newborn package (which I like because the one size only gets so small) with 12 bottoms/12 inserts for $165.95 so if you do both it totals out to $388.59 I believe you can use the disposable inserts with these as well. 
Flip has a deal where you can get (with free shipping) 6 one size diapers, 18 inserts 24 cloth wipes (if you're into that), a sprayer a wet bag and a pack of disposable liners (which is basically just to keep the poo from sticking to the cloth insert and only needs to be used after baby starts on solid food) for $229.95 they can also be used with disposable liners which you can get a pack of 18 for $6.95 from them but the gDiaper disposable inserts come out cheaper. 
GroVia is another hybrid diaper and they have a package for those who are mostly using standard disposable diapers to try out the cloth thing which includes 2 one size diapers and 50 disposable inserts for $49.99 they don't come with cloth inserts, you have to get those separately and again the gDiaper inserts are cheaper and can be used with the grovia diapers. 

If you love Amazon as much as I do and you don't care about name brands you can get 
7 diapers (one size), 7 bamboo intserts, 1 wet bag for $54.99
6 diapers (one size), 6 cloth inserts, 4 bamboo inserts for $34.99
Alva Baby has 6 diapers (one size), 12 cloth inserts for $37.78
KayBaby has 7 diapers (one size), 14 cloth inserts for $39.99
Also, I think all of these can be used with the gDiapers disposable inserts as well so you can do a blend of disposable and cloth depending on convenience/daycare needs. 


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