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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I made an apron you guys! Literally within like five hours of getting my sewing machine. Here's how it turned out:
I realize there is a giant mess behind me.. for the record, none of that is mine. This isn't even my room I had to go out in search of a decent mirror to take this picture in since there was no one around to take it for me =(
This is my adorable little sewing machine, I bought it online at like 1:30am on an impulse buy a few days ago and it just got here (okay so its taken me a few days to actually blog this, I apologize). I only paid like $17 for it including shipping here is a >LINK< to where I got it. Heads up though I think the price changes on it daily so don't hate me- it was $14.99 when I bought it. 
How cute is this? So here's the story: this material was at one point a skirt, almost a pencil type cut to it, it belonged to my little sister -->
(this picture is us at Christmas last year- 2010. No, she doesn't have a cool website or anything for me to link you to, sorry)
Anyway it was hers like forever ago and we recently went through a TON of old junk (because we moved) and got rid of a TON of junk, anyway, this skirt was among the piles and piles of clothes that we have outgrown (be it size or taste) and I demanded that she keep it because I like the fabric. She insisted on throwing it out because she would never wear it so I told her it didn't have to be a skirt and that she should make an apron out of it (she likes to cook- like real food and whatnot- weird right?) and she caved. A couple hours later she tried putting it back in the throw out pile and I caught her, she said she didn't know how to make it an apron so I took it from her and told her I would do it for her. This was back in like December. 
So I got my sewing machine and found the skirt and started taking out all the seams. This would've been much easier with a seam ripper - I now see why they invented them. 
Eventually I had a pile of nice neat fabric to work with
I started by folding the front panel of the skirt in half(ish) so make the bottom of the apron
Yes, those are roller set clips, sorry, I do hair, that's what I have lying around.. in literally every corner of everywhere (that or bobby pins- it's ridiculous)
I'll admit I was a little afraid of this thing to begin with, I'm mildly accident prone and all I could see when I looked at this thing was that needle going through one of my fingers.  After sewing a couple seams I'm pretty confident that its a fairly safe machine and I shouldn't be all that worried about it. 
I had some tension issues to begin with but I got it all sorted out in the end
I cut out and hemmed a piece to make the top of the apron from one of the two back skirt panels and attached it to the bottom portion
*disclosure* I didn't measure any of this- sorry, I just kind of held it up to myself and eyed it, my sister is pretty close to the same size as me so I went with it
I rolled up an edge of the other back panel, sewed it and cut it off to make one of the ties then decided that I was left with an exposed edge and needed to change my tactics a little bit
So for the rest I cut a strip and folded the edges inward then sewed it together and I was much happier with these results, I attached them where they needed to go and voila!
Houston we have apron. 
I didn't add any pockets and I don't think I will, I thought about and debated it for a while when I was making it but decided that the purpose is to keep her clothes from getting stained while shes playing in the kitchen and she didn't need a pocket for that. 

Enjoy! =]

0 Happy Birthday Sam!

Friday, June 3, 2011
Okay so this is a little out of character but I wanted to tell you about my birthday =] Wednesday (June 1st) was my birthday. I had school, which is fine because I generally enjoy school. It started like any other day, okay maybe not, I opened up my laptop to a plethora of "Happy Birthday" wall posts on Facebook (Thanks guys!) I then proceeded to dig up a pencil skirt from the deepest darkest reaches of my black hole closet and find an appropriately matching shirt. I kept my make-up simple, eyeliner/mascara/chapstick, and went on to school after receiving birthday wishes from the family. Once at school I straightened my unruly mop hair and sat at my station awaiting my first client of the day. One of the teachers came by shortly and asked if I wanted a cut/color, sure, why not. My teacher points to a man about 65yrs old standing a few feet off talking to one of the other girls and informed me that he was my cut/color. I looked at him, then back at the teacher.. 'Are you sure? Are you.. for real? Like.. seriously?' I was assured that this was for real. I took my client back to my station and began consulting with him about his color and was then informed by the client that he was a drag queen. Yes. I did a quick body survey to make sure my jaw was not on the floor and made a mental note to keep my mouth shut. 'Oh really? How neat..' I responded carefully, continuing to apply the golden blonde hair color to the man's thinning, white/grey hair. He then proceeded to tell me stories of the war and when Candice -- you guys remember Candice from Hershey right? here --> 
Check her out on YouTube sometime. Anyway when she got to school and saw my client she pulls me aside and tells me a story about how this guy had gotten banned from the McDonalds in Walmart for flashing people.. Again I found myself collecting my jaw from the floor, 'Are you for real?' yes. I returned to my client, pokerface fully intact and he then told us both about how he had been banned from McDonalds.. I'm pretty sure it was simply coincidental timing.. He also told us about his drag queen performances and asked us about professional make-up application costs and such... I washed the color out after it had processed and started cutting his hair when he started telling us about some charity event he wanted to host and asking us how he could get Beyonce to show up and perform at this event. I was thoroughly lost. I got through the haircut and got a teacher to come grade it, my client then started telling the teacher about how he was going to have 20K people show up and listen to Beyonce for violence awareness. He was very nice the whole time and before he left he invited both of us to his birthday party in August or September and told us all the details about that... A little later Candice and I decided that I required some RED lipstick, and non-flat-ironed hair so we both donned some lipstick and threw some curls in each other's hair, Candice discovered a new finger waving technique involving a flat iron and we busted out a camera =]
We decided we needed to look like pin ups =]
And another for good measure
Did you notice the haircut? Yes that is Candice's handiwork also, she's pretty awesome, heres what it looks like straightened 
I Love it, its asymmetrical, long on my left and short on my right, but anyway back to my birthday.. Candice and Brittany and a couple other girls went out to pick up lunch, I stayed behind, when they got back Candice surprised me with a cake and they all sang and we had a mini party in the break room before returning to the floor to play with the curling and flat irons some more. Then it was time to meet the family for dinner, I don't have any pictures from that though so I'll have to just tell you it was my parents, my great aunt and uncle and another uncle. I'll also add that none of them have cool websites or youTube channels or anything for me to link for you. But dinner was good and overall it was a fun day =] and yes I pretty much just wanted to tell you about my interesting client and the fun pinup adventure.