Leaf Flowers

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Yesterday I made flowers out of leaves =] I had a really good day at work and when I got home I just sat in the yard and played. Does it get any better? Nope. Here they are:
Pretty right? So if you live someplace that has seasons like I do, your yard probably looks something like this:
Or, you know:
Either way, my suggestion is that you plop yourself down amid the leaves on the ground with these:
Grandma's old sewing kit and some scissors.. unless your sewing kit contains scissors..
Thanks for the sewing kit Gradma! =]
Find you a good leaf to start with, you'll want to make a pile next to you of leaves that are freshly fallen, you don't want the brittle/dry ones
Fold down the center point
Then one side
Then the other side..
Start rolling it up from one side to the other
When it looks like this set it aside, you can set your scissors on top of it to keep it from unraveling
Pick up another leaf, be sure not to use the dry ones
Fold down the center
And the side..
And the other side..
Put the first leaf on the second leaf like this..
Bring one side over..
Then the other.. =]
Keep adding more leaves just like that and it ill start to come together pretty quick
When you get to the desired size, get out some thread
Wrap the thread several times around the base of your "rose" then tie it off
Yay! Aren't they pretty? I like them.
I made three.
Tear the label off of an old Ale-8-one bottle and there you have it =]
Photo Bomb! Haha! Hank just had to get in one of these pictures, gotta love him =] Other people have done this as well, I got the idea from >HERE< though I think they may have done it a little differently. They look a little sickly in these last couple pictures, I again apologize for that, my camera doesn't like taking pictures inside, it puts a weird orange-y yellow tint on things. 

Happy Crafting!
Enjoy! =]


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