0 Apple Crisp

Monday, February 6, 2012
This was REALLY good =]
I liked this a lot and probably most of all because I didn't use a recipe. I will share it with you..
This is basically how it turned out (this is actually before it went into the oven). I'm sorry I didn't get a proper "after" picture but I actually took this over to a friend's house and baked it in her oven. 
Here is what you will need out of your pantry.. 
Of course you will also need some of these =]
I used a potato peeler on the apples
Then slice them up
Cut them to size and mix them all together (I used different kinds of apples, I like the variety in flavor and textures)
Dump the apples into the pan and spread them out fairly evenly. Mix equal parts of brown and white sugar in a separate bowl, add another part flour, throw in a little nutmeg and cinnamon to your liking, mix it really good then pour it evenly over the apples. Cut up some chunks of butter and scatter them over the top. 
Oh, I almost forgot, before you put in the apples, rub some butter in the bottom of your pan
Add  some graham crackers to the top if you want, then bake for 30-40mins @350F. When it's done you can add more graham crackers, I did, or not, either way it was delicious. 

This was a big hit at game night but I have to say I think my friends are getting a little spoiled, they no longer offer suggestions when I ask what I should bring to our gatherings they simply tell me anything I make will be perfectly fine. Which is great to hear don't get me wrong, but I'd like some ideas here and there... 

Happy Baking 
Enjoy =]