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Friday, February 4, 2011
I've come to realize that there is a growing trend in the headband direction, I've always been a fan of headbands though I rarely wear them, I usually just run the straightener through it and go, but today I got the idea to make a macramé hemp headband. So the day started with pulling my great big craft bag of everything down from its top shelf position in the closet.  I have an insane collection of beads and the like so I decided to incorporate them, yes, you can go without, but if you have them why not.. and if you don't, I recommend glass beads, theres a very wide variety and no two are the same
You can literally come up with any combination of colors and shapes imaginable 
Literally. I'm more of a black and white kind of girl mostly because I don't like to commit it goes with anything. So I pulled out an assortment of beads that fit my criteria
And from those I chose four beads, two white and two clear. You will also need one thick strong hair tie or two thinner ones, which is what I happened to have on hand
Don't worry theres only two there, I have them sitting on top of a mirror, I'm using my mirror as a table for this because it has little decorative hooks along the frame and I plan on finding a functional purpose for them, you'll see..
You will also of course need hemp, I used a thinner thread-like hemp for the beads because the holes in them are tiny..
And a thicker/fatter hemp for the overall band
Loop the thick fat hemp over the hair ties like this, as for how much hemp you will need, it varies by head size, get out alot though, about 10 ft should do it, to get this I take the end in one hand and stretch out an arm-span then do it again, since I'm 5ft tall an arm-span is ~ 5ft. 
Cut a second string 2x the length of your proposed finished headband + a couple inches for finishing, for me that was ~2ft+4in to finish it off, I didn't really think this craft through before I started and I'm not really big on measuring things anyway and had to make alterations along the way, so if you don't get it exactly right, don't worry, its fixable -trust me. 
The long strings you looped over the bands will be the outside portion so put the 2nd string ends in between them like this.
Heres where my mirror's decorative hooks become functional.. You will probably want to find some way to hold the bands in place while you work so you can use both hands. It can be done without but I'll tell you from experience that it puts alot more strain on your hands than necessary and by the time you're done you will feel the carpal tunnel coming on.
If you already know how to macramé just scan over this part, if you don't, keep reading, these pictures are for you. take the right hand string end and cross it under the 2 ends of the #2 string and over the left hand end
take the left hand string end from under the right hand end crossing it over the #2 string and through the loop created by the right hand string end
Pull tight. 
Then do the opposite: take the now left hand string end under the #2 string and over the opposing string end
And bring the now right hand string end under the left and over the #2 string, through the loop.. and pull tight, seeing a pattern yet?  If you keep alternating you will get a flat woven band look, if you forget to alternate it will make a spiral pattern
Since it's a headband, I wanted it to be flat, keep tying these knots until you get to where you want to add your beads if you're planning to use them
I looped the skinny string around string #2 and continued tying the macramé knots around it, allowing my beads to appear to be sitting on top of the band rather than woven into it
See how they sort of rest on top
I like the square bead, I think it lends something to the mix that I just cant describe (yes, I know)
Keep tying macramé knots around the beads as though they're not there. I used enough skinny string to reach well past the end of string #2, this will come in later, for now just add them to string #2, you wont see them in the finished product.
Decide where the macramé portion of the headband will end, indicate with a knot, remember, the bands are elastic so allow for stretching. Stop making macramé knots a couple inches from the skinny knot
Place string #2 through the bands, using the knot as a guide
fold them through the bands..
Go ahead and cut the skinny strings out of the mix, you wont need them anymore
Cut string #2 even with where you stopped knotting earlier
Continue knotting over the folded string #2, it may get thick here so make sure you pull extra tight
Keep knotting and pulling extra tight til you get to the bands
Both ends of the macramé portion should now be attached to the bands completing the circle
tie the loose ends in a square knot on one side or the other of the macramé band. 
Try it on and take a picture! =]
Let your hair down
And there you have the finished Hemp Macramé Headband =]

I couldn't have done it without my little helper <3
Thanks Hank! =]


Anonymous Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011

These are cool! Thanks for sharing!

★ SAM ★ Says:
Friday, August 12, 2011

You are absolutely welcome! Annd thank you for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated =]

Anonymous Says:
Thursday, August 30, 2012

thanks! my girlfriend will love my gift for her :D <3

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