Sandwich Container

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
I've never been one to bring my lunch along with me to school or work or whatever.. I like hot meals, there's nothing wrong with that. Until you wake up one day and wonder why your pockets are always empty. Its clearly much more economical to pack along a sandwich. So I've joined the lunch bringers, but now that that decision has been made, how do you get your lunch from A to B? For some its simple, dig out the old lunch box you used back in school.. I don't have one. So I bought a lunchbox at the grocery store a few weeks ago on sale for like $3 which is totally cool but I can't just throw my sandwich in it.. Some people go with baggies which is fine but significantly wasteful. So, I need a sandwich container. Some of you may be familiar with the ziplock sandwich box things >HERE< I think glad makes them too and probably a handful of other companies as well. I don't like them. Not at all, not for anything. A little extreme? Maybe. Here is my alternative solution:
Cute right? Eco-chic too.. Yeah, that's right ECO-chic, that thing used to be a milk jug. I stumbled across >THIS< the other day and had to make my own. So to start with you'll need a milk jug..
This is our local gas-station brand milk, I had a jug all rinsed out and ready to go then someone threw it out on me, but fortunately/unfortunately we go through about a gallon of milk a day at my house so I finished this one off in my cereal this morning and here we are. 
So I rinsed it out and removed the label, which comes off best if you pull up a corner then use cold water to loosen the rest as you peel it. It came off pretty clean.
Draw your lines on as a guide
Scissor time! Cut along your lines, I started way up there to make sure I could get the scissors into the jug without destroying anything. 
Make sure the indent part isn't on your tall side.. unless you want a big circle in the middle of your container.. which could be cool.. I should've thought of that before.. use it as a label type area.. put a circular sticker in the center of it.. Oh well. 
It's all coming together =] Clean up the edges if they need it and fold it up.
Yes, like that..
So you can see it's a little bigger than your average sandwich, you could as the link I posted in the beginning says, throw in some grapes or carrot sticks but I really just pack a sandwich and a drink usually.
But how will we keep it closed? Well after searching unsuccessfully for a big rubber band to put around it I dug out my great-big-craft-bag-of-everything and found some string. There was also some shoe laces and ribbon and whatnot that could've also worked but I went this route. 
See how much you'll need, then cut off a piece..
BAM! Eco-chic sandwich container =] 
Cute and environmentally friendly, what more could you want? I'm really happy with this project and I'd love for others to take part in this one so make your own, then comment and let me know what you think of it =]

Happy Crafting!
Enjoy! =]


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