Simple Easy Frosting

Monday, July 4, 2011
The simple, easy, go-to frosting for absolutely anything. 
I literally use this frosting for everything from cookies to cakes/cupcakes you name it, if you can put frosting on it you can use this. It's ready in about 10 seconds and is amazing every time. Basically it is this:
Powdered sugar, vanilla, milk and butter. That's it. of course you can add other things to it if need be, but we will get to that. 
Just mix together a tablespoon or two of softened butter, a cup of powdered sugar, a splash of milk(1-2T as needed) and some vanilla(to taste). The vanilla is optional, you can use just milk butter and powdered sugar to make an overly sweet paste that can be used for anything. You can add butter flavor for a really amazing but somewhat different taste. Some almond flavor makes it amazing. Coconut flavor can be added for a little beach-y taste. Food coloring is ALWAYS an option and comes in any color you can imagine these days, I even found some neon colors not too long ago...
And again anything from cookies..
To cakes..
To cupcakes..
Literally anything can be made better with frosting. Because this frosting is so simple and easy and has so many possible variations I'll go ahead and add that you can vary the texture of it and make it as runny or firm as you need it to be..
Of course the temperature of whatever you're frosting also plays its own role, hot things will make for runny frosting and cold things will make for much less dripage. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


Anonymous Says:
Saturday, March 24, 2012

will this frosting melt if it is left in the open for too long?

★ SAM ★ Says:
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nope =] if left out, like on the kitchen counter it will harden.

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