Cherry Pie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Okay so again, its taken me forEVER to get around to blogging this even though I've had the pictures uploaded and edited for weeks now.. 
Yes I'm using pictures from the blog I did on the crust.. my apologies, however, they're great pictures and I don't care. Credit for these pictures, again, goes to James O'Hayer his website is >HERE< you should go check it out he's a GREAT photographer. 
Back to my pie, and more specifically the filling..
This recipe also came from my pie book which you can find >HERE< it was recommended to me by a friend who knows the author. 
You need 4 C cherries. Get the sour kind, if you can find fresh ones get them! If not the canned ones work fine, just note that the fresh ones will need to be pitted and that can be a chore, or so I hear, I got the canned kind, it took 2 cans, I drained the juice and dumped them into my bowl
Add 1 C sugar, yeah, I may have over done it a little. 
Put in 3 T corn starch..
Then add 3 T Amaretto, no, I didn't really measure this part. And, if you're using real cherries, take some dried cherries and soak them in the amaretto. 
Mix it all up
Spread it into a pie crust.. you can use >THIS< one, I strongly recommend it. 
I used a lattice crust..
Bake to perfection... 40mins or so @ 400F
Yes, pie is excellent, if you need more than that to be convinced you need to make one.. I don't know what to tell you. 
Oh and I'm sure you remember Candice(far right) from previous appearances on here.. check out her youTube channel >HERE<

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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