Paper Rose Hair Clip

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
I made a hair clip today, here it is:
I was feeling like baking but after wandering through my kitchen and finding only the bare minimum, I kept wandering right on through the garage door out to the massive pile of boxes. From there my journey went onward and upward over the giant heaping mountain of boxes until I found the one that holds craft paper, I selected a couple sheets of purples and retreated back into the house to locate my stack of black paper, after all what would a hairdresser be without having absolutely everything in black.. I then dug up some scissors and twine, you could use hemp, I'm not sure what exactly this is that I found.. other than a tangled mess but it'll do the job just fine. Here is everything.. minus the clip that I found in my hair..
So really just twine or ribbon if you've got that just whatever you have on hand is fine, some colored paper -or in my case black.. a hair clip and scissors
I have clips similar to >THIS< all over my house so that's what I used
Cut out a little square
Round out the edges.. 
Cut it in a spiral shape.. it can be a little irregular that's fine
Start at the outside end
and curl it, try to get it as tight as you can
Hold it for a second then let it go, this is after I let it go, I'm just holding it loosely
I tied a bow around the clip end of the clip and wrapped the other end so there's no metal sticking out anywhere.
Now go out and take some pictures =]
I wasn't sure which side I wanted it on, usually I put clips/pins in the short side of my hair..
But I think I like this one better on my long side. 
Either way I was pretty happy with it. I just want to take a moment to note that I'm wearing color today, this is rare, generally the only color I wear is in my hair. But back to my craft, you can use these little paper roses for just about anything, I also thought of making a bunch and decorating a frame with them or something.. you could also make them out of things other than paper, felt would probably be fun.. ooh! Felt roses on a headband? yeah? maybe next time..

Enjoy! =]


Anonymous Says:
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Love your new blog Sam! ;-) I saw that rose idea on the website.. they have lots of neat craft ideas on there!

-Rachel C

★ SAM ★ Says:
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanks Rachel! =]

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