Kiss Pies

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Okay, so this is at least a full month late. Remember how I posted about the Bazaar thing from my Indiana trip and I told you about the tiny pumpkin pies? Well we made these too, we called them kiss pies. They sold really well and were beyond delicious. The idea came from >HERE<. Here they are waiting to be put into the oven:
First you have to start with a small candy you like.. it can be any variety of Hershey kiss (which is why they're kiss pies) or any other small candy, we also used Dove chocolates and Andes mints. 
And of course you'll need pie crust, for this one yes.. we cheated and used store-bought frozen pie crust, but in our defense we were making like a bajillion things and it was simply easier this way.
Cut your crust into squares (which would've been easier with homemade pie crust)
Pull up the corners and pinch them together
And there you have it! Make sure the edges are all sealed up really well or they will leak in the oven
Here is one with an Andes mint
A little misshapen but still good, besides, the ugly ones always get sacrificed to the kitchen gods
This is a Dove dark chocolate raspberry thing
Brush them with egg wash so they brown up nicely and have a little gloss to them
And there you have the finished product, this one is an Andes mint. I apologize yet again for my camera's inability to see anything other than orange when it's in that kind of mood. 
There they are bagged up on the tray, they sold well at 50c each and they were wonderful, we had a few left over so we ate all of those.. We also made some with an almond paste inside and called them Amaretto they were pretty amazing and were very much like cookies in that they required a glass of milk, but in a very very good way =]

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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