French Fries =]

Thursday, September 8, 2011
I made real food! =] 
What's better than french fries for breakfast?? I don't know either. 
So here's what you need..
Easy enough right? Okay you may also want some shredded cheese but its optional.. Bacon would be good too..
Peel your potato..
We all know how this works.. I like the plastic-bag-in-the-sink method
Slice it up..
I only used one potato but it was just enough for me. You may want to use one for each person if it's going to be a side dish. 
Pour some oil in your frying pan, enough to coat the bottom
Spread out your potato pieces (this works just as well with smaller chunks)
Salt those puppies
And since you've got the salt out go ahead and salt a raw slice and have at it, it's not bad I promise but it is one of those 'aquired' tastes in life. It took me a while but I'm sold on it now.
They should start to bubble and fizz immediately if you fired up the stove before hand, if not it will take a second but is just as efficient
I like to move them around a lot but you don't really have to
A crowd has begun to form.. They like it when I throw the peelings on the floor, Hank catches them.
They'll start to get some color..
When I take them out I like to put them on a paper towel
This helps get rid of some of the excess oil and stuff
I didn't cut the second batch quite as thin
It all works out though, nothing like cheesy fries for breakfast.. except maybe cheesy fries with bacon... =]



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