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Saturday, September 10, 2011
Do you remember the 90s cartoon Captain Planet and the Planeteers? I do. I grew up on that show. I love it, okay its growing closer and closer to obsession status. I have every episode scheduled to air in the foreseeable future ready to go on my DVR. Yeah. 
So I did what any obsessed fan would do.. I made a shirt =]
 Will need a shirt.. any color is fine, any type will do as well, I used a tank but T's or long sleeves, it doesn't really matter. Some fabric paint, a round object approx 6in in diameter, and some cardboard
My cardboard was a little on the small side but put it inside the shirt like this..
Place your circular object in the middle of the shirt, if you're using a T-shirt you'll want to place the circle approx 1in from the neckline. 
Trace it with your fabric paint in black.. if your paint doesn't have a point on it you can use a paint brush, it works just as well. 
Keep tracing all the way around, be careful to watch for the fabric bunching up, you want it to stay smooth. 
It's a little messy but the green will cover it. 
I used the same bowl to mix my green in, I wasn't happy with the factory-made green. You want it pretty neon-ish. 
Oh, yes =]
I didn't feel like looking for a paintbrush.. this worked out just as well though I think.
You need to create an axis, the green circle is a globe.. so make a straight vertical line in the center. I used my cardboard as a straight-edge.
Not bad.
Now you need a horizontal line.. It was at this point that I noticed where my fabric had bunched during the drawing of the initial black circle.
In order to make it spherical you'll need to make the next set of lines curved
One down..
I found it easiest to flip the entire project so that each new curved line would be on the side opposite my drawing hand. This helps make the curve. 

At this point it pretty much looks like a basketball.
The next set of lines will be curved along the width of the sphere
Three down..
Last one. 
Here it is! Fuzzy and out of focus (my apologies) 
And here it is on. Again, I apologize for the horrible last couple of pictures, in my defense this very last one is from my crappy cell phone. I also apologize for my scraggly hair, it's in desperate need of attention as of late and I just haven't gotten around to it. I hope that if you're not as obsessed you still found this a good read and maybe inspires you to check out some Captain Planet re-runs on youTube. If you are in my boat, I encourage you to also make your own Planeteer shirt. I think the plan currently is to be a planeteer for Halloween. I usually go all-out, last year was an exception(it was awful.. store-bought costume and all). 

Happy Crafting!
Enjoy! =]


Anonymous Says:
Saturday, September 10, 2011

Haha, cool! :)


Blind_Prophet Says:
Sunday, August 26, 2012

awesome. great job

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