Can Tab Bracelet

Thursday, May 26, 2011
Craft! Yay!!! Okay, so for this you will want to ask some friends and family to collect can tabs for you, especially if you're me and don't really drink a lot of things that come in cans, my sodas generally come from fast food places these days, that or bottles, I like bottles better. When you ask for can tabs you may want to specify where you want them to come from or your pile may look like this:
Yes, to settle your curiosity those are in fact Budweiser can tabs. Which I'm okay with because I like the diversity of the color. Also, if you know anyone who is big into energy drinks you can get some diversity that way. I'm going to take a moment right now to apologize for the incredibly ugly blanket. 
You'll need string of some kind, a sharp object and of course your can tabs
Start running the string through the can tabs, I made them so that there were no exposed 'sharp' sides. 
Can you see the tiny arrows in the picture? The color is off, I'm sorry. 
I used 22 can tabs for my bracelet, 11 red and 11 silver.
Carefully secure it if you can
Tie the ends of the string together
Oh but what about the ends?
This is where the sharp object comes in. Try to cut the ends close to the knot but be careful. 
Yay! feel free to model it. I'm also going to add that it is reversible which I thought was neat. I kind of broke the string like... within an hour of deciding I was proud of myself so heads up, you may want to use fishing line or jewelery stuff from the craft store or something.. this just happens to be what I had on hand(lol). 

Enjoy! =]


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