Chocolate Chip Cookies =]

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
These are classic. Timeless. I honestly don't think anyone doesn't like these, everyone should know how to make them. I'm not saying everyone does, just that they should, so heres how. I used a basic recipe, I don't feel the need to cite it, here is what they look like finished (as if you didn't know)
Yes they kind of melted into each other but thats okay. Here is what is in them:
I used mini chips because thats what I had in the cabinet at the time I think they're better suited in this case. 
Also, I didn't have two sticks of butter on hand so I threw in a scoop of butter from the tub, yes I have all forms of butter in my house.. I like it okay. Seriously though, be sure to soften your sticks before using them, they mix up a lot easier.
Add 3/4 C sugar
Then add 3/4 C brown sugar
Some vanilla, sorry I don't ever measure this part but you don't need much, a teaspoon or so should do
Get it good and mixed
Add an egg and beat in
Then add another egg and beat it in as well
You should have a sloppy mess
Add 2 1/4 C flour and some baking soda, again I didn't really measure but somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon should be fine
Around now it will start tasting good =]
Throw in 2 C mini chocolate chips, regular size will also work, I didn't actually measure I just dumped in most of the bag, I ate a couple handfuls of chips while I was previously mixing...
I usually mix these in with a spoon, but I also usually use bigger chips, since these are smaller I just used a low setting on the mixer
I like to use aluminum foil on my cookie sheets mostly because that way I don't have to wash them when I'm done I can just wipe them down and put them away. 
Spacing is the most important factor here, if they're too close they run together if they're too far you have to run too many batches.. I ended up with three sheets 
They bake at 375F for 10min
Watch for crumb seekers
These are a little less than done, I left the others in for 11min or so and they were a little more cooked without being crunchy, you just have to watch them
No Hank, no crumbs for you
This is to be sacrificed to the kitchen gods
The crowd has begun to gather
These are great =]
Heres the bottoms of the less done ones (yes with photo editing). I took a bunch of these to school to get rid of them, not that they wouldn't get eaten at home, they would, and probably all at once, which is why they had to go. 

Happy Baking! 
Enjoy! =]


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