Breakfast Cups

Monday, March 7, 2011
I made these today.. at lunchtime =] they were REALLY good. The family liked them and they were pretty easy, if your're going to make bacon, eggs and toast, I see no reason not to make them together in convenient little muffins, I found them >HERE< anyway so here is how they turned out
And here are all the ingredients(all you REALLY need is 6 pieces of bread, 6 eggs and 6-8 pieces of bacon)
See, easy. If you own a muffin pan and can sort of fry bacon, you can make these. 
Grease a muffin tin (6 cups) and preheat the oven to 400F
If you cook the bacon round-ways it rolls into the cups better. 
Don't cook it all the way, it will finish getting crispy in the oven, I like it less than crispy so I went ahead and took it out here. Lay it out on a paper towel to soak up some of the grease
Use a cookie cutter or the rim of a glass to cut circles out of bread 3"-4" in diameter
Stuff the bread into the bottom of the muffin tins
Wrap the bacon in a circle, I ripped up a couple other pieces and put that in the center of the circle
You'll want to break the eggs individually and dump off half of the white, if you're health conscious you can pull out the yolk, we like our eggs scrambled except my sister so I left one sunny side for her. The mess is from not dumping off enough of the whites...
Bake 6-11min, I wish I could say how long I had them in for but I spent the time they were in the oven chasing Hank down the road.. someone left the door open and little-man got out, we got him back though and he is now laying on my arm as I type this, yes ON my arm, makes it a little difficult but I'm pretty sure he feels bad about earlier so I'm letting it slide. 
Here they are done, very bubbly looking but they're cooked through, I promise, just make sure they're not jiggly and liquidy
Bacony goodness =]
om nom nom!!! I highly recommend these for any time of day, any day. they were easy, relatively quick and very good. Also, very conveniently sized and good for on-the-go eaters.. ie- if you have a man or children who tend to walk out the door without eating(or yourself if you make them ahead and heat them in the microwave), these can totally solve that problem. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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