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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
First off... EXCITEMENT!! These turned out A-mazzing, I literally cannot keep my hands off them, not sure if thats a good thing....... BUT! Here lately my BFF has been counting calories.. which led me to the conclusion that maybe other people do that too... so guess what! I calculated the calories in tonights amazingly goodness, and the total comes to 67cal/truffle. Not bad right? I wouldn't know, I'm not big on keeping track of things, as we all know, I don't even own a measuring cup.. so why would I count calories much less remember what I ate today? I should probably get down to business so here we go, I got the recipe from >HERE< I found it thanks to stumbleupon, which is now my new best friend(sorry BFF, lol)
They turned out like so:
And they were incredibly easy.. like, INCREDIBLY, so incredibly easy that they only have 3 ingredients(2pkgs baking chocolate shown, I only used 1pkg plus 6 squares from 2nd pkg):
Oh! I should probably go ahead and say that if you went and looked at the link to where I found the recipe that you should please note that they used a double recipe... I'm not feeding an army so I only made a single recipe and I ended up with 72 truffles, yeah, I counted.. thats how I got the calories mathed out. 
To start off, throw all the oreos in a gallon ziplock baggie (except for 2 that will be sacrificed to the kitchen gods via drowning in my glass of milk- this is important because I excluded these when calculating calories)
Find your meat tenderizer and use a flat part of it (top/side doesn't matter as long as its not going to poke holes in the baggie) I had the rolling pin out because I was going to use it but didn't end up doing so, so ignore it. 
Great way to take out the day's frustrations; make oreo dust. Crumbs, dust, whatever you want to call it just try to make sure theres not big chunks in there, you want it pretty fine, if you have a food processor you can use it here but I don't so..
Put the softened(10sec in microwave, or you can do like I did and just set it on top of the crock pot thats cooking in the corner) cream cheese into the mixer.
I like to smoosh the cream cheese around a little bit...
Dump in the bag of oreo dust
Get it good and mixed then start forming balls
Here is all 72 of my oreo goo balls. Try to keep them fairly uniform in size mine are about an inch or so in diameter.
Put them in the freezer for an hour, I left the house and came back, it doesn't really matter as long as they're good and cold and wont fall apart in a bowl over a pot of boiling water...
Boil water, place a glass bowl over it, I use a wooden spoon to let steam out. Be sure not to let all your water boil off, it doesn't smell pretty and you will have concerned household members storming in to the rescue if you're one of those people who can't hardly smell anything (like me) including burning pan/wooden spoon....... lesson learned.
Use a spoon to roll the goo balls around one or two at a time in the chocolate, I only did one at a time, but its up to you.
You'll want them COVERED
Turn them out on a sheet of aluminum foil, I greased mine but it probably was not necessary.
Here a bunch of them are, I'd say half of them, I put another sheet of foil over them crimped the edges and put them back in the freezer, you can store them however you like and they keep fine in the fridge I just like the chocolate coating to be fairly crunchy. 
These were AMAZING! Can I say that again? AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!! Heres the calorie break down:
cream cheese: 800cal/block
oreos:2134cal/box -2cookies(106cal) = 2028cal
baking chocolate: 140cal/square x 14sq =1960cal - 70cal(leftover chocolate) =1890 cal
TOTAL: 4824 cal (if you sat down and ate the entire batch thats what it would be)
Total/#of truffles(72) = 67cal/truffle

I'd have to say that's not that bad.. so

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


Tara Says:
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Oh my gosh!!!! Those look amazing!!! Send me some :) Haha

★ SAM ★ Says:
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

LOL! make some! =] they're really easy and totally worth it!
<3 ya!

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