Caramelized Banana Crepes

Saturday, March 5, 2011
I did not like these. I would suggest nutella in place of the bananas. I failed to realize in all my excitement about making something new that not only do I not like caramel but I also do not like bananas.. caramelized bananas.. not my most well thought out plan. 

However; if you like caramel, and you like bananas.. it may be worth a shot. The recipe came from >HERE< now, remember all those years ago when you were sitting in math class and decided to take a nap because they were going over US-->metric conversions and you were positive that not only did no one use metric and you would never see it in your life but also that you would never need to convert it? Yeah, me either, because I was already taking my nap at that point if I hadn't already come up with some "excuse" to skip class..  Anyway- back on topic, the recipe I found is in metric which should've been hint enough that I should try something else instead but.. there was chocolate involved and I was blinded by that. 

First off, yes, I took a bazillion pictures. Here is the final outcome
Nowhere near as pretty as the ones in the blog I found the recipe in.. how they did that, I don't know. But here is what you'll need
Not too bad just a handful of ingredients. 
Start off by putting the 500ml(2C for us Americans) milk, 2 eggs, 2T sugar, 2T maple syrup, and a couple shakes of salt in a bowl and mixing. 
Mix it all up and add 300ml(1 1/4 C for us Americans) of flour
You know those times when its actually easier to mix things by hand with a whisk than with the mixer? Me either, but this is one of them.
after that you'll need to melt down 4T butter in the microwave as well as 4T dark chocolate
Don't mind the dirty microwave.. oh wait, I edited out the food spatters =] 
add the butter to the mix
Then pour 1/2 the mix into a separate bowl. Add the chocolate to the 2nd bowl
mix it in
Real good..
Then dissolve 2 T cocoa powder in 2 T boiling water (you can boil water in the microwave in 30sec)
It's hot ok, be careful. Don't mind the spaghetti cooking on the back burners..
Mix that into the chocolate bowl too
now grease a frying pan
Get it hot (med-hi)
Make sure its ready by feeling the heat coming off of it
pour in ~1/2 C batter and pick the pan up, using a circular rotating motion spread out the batter in a thin circle
after a couple minutes it should be ready to turn over
Yay! Pretty crepe!
do the same with all the batter
Yay! Crepes!
The ever hopeful Hank awaiting any clumsy mishaps, how cute is he? Love him. 
Now that the crepes are done melt down 4 T butter and 4T sugar
It makes this strangely fluffy/light goopy stuff
Slice in a banana, nice and thin
I smooshed it all up with the spatula
and kept pushing it around as it browned
It seems to get smaller as it cooks
At this point I had removed it from the heat and was letting it cool
I tried to get a good straight line of banana gunk down the center of 3 alternating colored stacked crepes
then rolled them up and secured them with toothpicks
see the alternating colors?
They look so much better than they were.. Ok so I'm just saying that because the banana goo was not good. I mean if you like bananas I'm sure it was fine, and if you like caramel, it was great but.. I don't. These would've been great had they been slathered in nutella in place of the banana. 

Enjoy! =]


Abheek Bhadury Says:
Sunday, October 21, 2012

I am a tenth grader and i made better crepes than you which looked better too... obviously the pics on the website were hard to get...the secret in presentation is too roll them up tightly and cut of the edges before taking pictures :D also try just melting down the chocolate and applying in the center instead of caramelized bananas and also in the white mixture try adding some vanilla essence tastes much better that way !!!

Samantha Vereb Says:
Sunday, October 21, 2012

This was the first time I made crepes, if you're going to judge me I would rather you not comment. If you read the above post you would've seen that I decided other things would have been better than bananas. I'm glad to see however that someone of such a young age has such skills, it warms my heart to see children in the kitchen. Don't cut class, your grammar reflects it.

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