Chocolate Lava Cakes

Monday, February 28, 2011
Ok, these are actually called chocolate molten cakes but whats the first thing you think when you hear molten, quick! Lava. Thats right. So guess what, I'm re-naming them. I found the recipe >HERE< and today is my parents' 24th wedding anniversary(congrats to them), so guess what? Thats right, the little heart ramekins are coming out again, see I knew they were a good buy.. And, it's not like theres tiny pie in them anymore, that went fast. Anyway..
Here they are:
Delicious right? Ok it's not the best picture, but they're really easy here is everything you'll need
First things first, melt down the chocolate and butter
50 sec in the microwave will do this: 
Go ahead and dump it in the mixer 
And get it good and mixed
Then add the powdered sugar and vanilla
and get it good and mixed
Now for the eggs you want 2 whole eggs and one egg yolk, you may need a separate bowl for this -I did. Then dump them in too
And get it good and mixed
Then add the flour
Mix again...
And it's done! Spoon or dump it into whatever you're going to be baking it in
I'm really loving these little jars, they're proving to be exceptionally handy, I strongly recommend them to anyone who has a kitchen.
Bake them for 13mins at 425F I baked them on the cookie sheet
Once they've had time to cool (10mins- or you can be like me and get side tracked by guitar hero for God knows how long before remembering you had some cake cooling..) run a knife along the edges to loosen them.
Then turn them out on a plate or however youre going to serve them, they can be served immediately or put up for later but remember to heat them before serving, they're best warm. 
Of course you'll need to taste test the least attractive one, if they all turned out pretty one will just have to take it for the team.. They're pretty amazing. OH, and if you're one of those people who's into eating cake batter -Great recipe right here.. if you're not, what is wrong with you? Also- you can sift some powdered sugar over them if you're serving them to guests or just want to make a prettier presentation. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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