Banana Nut Bread

Saturday, April 9, 2011
This is another of Grama's recipes, they're also one of Daddy's favorite things from the kitchen but I think this is only maybe the second time I've ever made them. Here's what they look like:
No, I didn't take any pictures after this but the bottoms look exactly the same as the tops only.. square-er.. Heres the recipe, straight from Grama's little green book:
And here are all the ingredients all laid out:
Yay! Okay so start from the beginning and add them in order, starting with the shortening, I use butter flavor shortening and if you get it in the blocks that come in packs of three you can use 1/2 a block. I also softened it before beating it and adding the sugar:
Get it mixed really good..
Then add the eggs, I like to bust up the yolks with a fork before mixing it all together
I apologize for my incredibly yellow/orange tinted pictures.. =/
Throw in banana #1
Banana #2
And banana #3
[Thank you to my camera for figuring out what colors are supposed to look like]
add in the flour
And mix it up again
Add the baking soda and mix before adding the nuts
Grama always used chopped walnuts though I suppose other nuts would do as well. 
 And once it's mixed all up pour it into a mini loaf pan [you can use a regular size loaf pan and slice it out like bread or you can make it in a muffin tin]. Bake at 350F for 1 hour -or until they look like this:
And they're done! Yay! I don't really eat these, not because I don't like them, I've actually never tried them, Daddy always eats them all and defends them like a dog with a bone.. So, theres that. Apparently they're really good, but I can't tell you from personal experience.. Thank Grama for the recipe =]

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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