Banana Upside-Down Mmuffins

Saturday, April 23, 2011
I made these for Daddy, I found the recipe >HERE< and I saved it for a rainy day. Daddy really likes Banana Nut Bread and thats where the idea came from to make these. Heres how they turned out:
They look pretty amazing I have to say. Heres what you'll need:
Yes the bananas look gross.. its because they're frozen. 
Start with butter, 2 t in each muffin cup
Also 2 t of brown sugar, i used dark brown sugar. 
Put this in the oven at 375F for 10min
Put 1/2 C flour and 1 t baking powder in the mixer
Add nutmeg
Add 1/4 C dark brown sugar
Mix mix mix mix mix =]
Add 1/6 C canola oil
Add 1 egg
Add 2 T milk
Add 1 t vanilla extract
And I didn't have actual rum on hand so I used rum flavor
Mix mix mix mix mix =]
It should be about time to take out the muffin tin, did you forget about it? Yeah, me too, thats why I'm really glad I had a timer set. It looks bad but trust me it'll be alright.
Peel the bananas
Slice the bananas
Distribute the banana slices into the muffin tin
Spoon the mix into the muffin cups 
Bake for 18min at 375F
Flip them over onto a plate
They look really good =]
See, I told you not to worry about the black bubbly gunk. Daddy says they're really good too, I didn't actually try them, I don't really like banana. But they sure look good =]
*NOTE: I used a half recipe*

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


Amanda Says:
Saturday, April 23, 2011

So glad you liked them, and thanks for linking back to me :) They look great!

★ SAM ★ Says:
Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks! =] Daddy loved them

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