Brownie Stuffed Choc Chip Cookies

Thursday, April 21, 2011
Yes, you read that right, and to prove it: 
Yeah. Amazing. Want the how-to? Ok, to start with, I got this recipe from >HERE< but I didn't use a box mix for the brownies like they did, I made them from scratch and blogged them HERE. They turned out AWESOME as you can see above. 
Here is what you will need
Start with two sticks of butter, 1 C sugar, 3/4 C lt. brown sugar in the mixer
Add 2 eggs
Add a tablespoon of vanilla extract
Slowly add 3 1/2 C flour
Or just dump it all in... that works too. Oops. 
Add a teaspoon of baking soda
Add chocolate chips
Mix the chips in by hand. 
Remember the brownies? Cut them into 1"(or so) squares
Are you ready for this?
BAM! You'll probably need to pinch and poke and shove and you will probably feel like you're patty-ing burgers at this point. 
Place on cookie sheet and bake 18min at 350F 
I made 18 cookies and ate what cookie dough was left over
These were really good, I took them to a family gathering and they pretty well disappeared. I was very happy with how they turned out, I will say I was a little worried at first that the brownies being baked twice may be over-done but that was not even close to being an issue, they were amazing. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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