Chocolate Peanutbutter Cream Pie =]

Saturday, April 16, 2011
I'll admit it, I've been keeping this one from you.. it's my very own. I've only shared it with a handful of people yet it's my go-to recipe anytime I need something quick to take to a group of people. Sunday church dinners, family gatherings, visits to hospice, bible study meetings, the list really doesn't have an end. This is what it looks like, sometimes:
It's usually much more attractive/ neater. 
This is everything that goes into it, I generally have most of this stuff just lying around, minus the pie crust (which I do sometimes keep around for just such an occasion) and the yogurt. 
Dump the vanilla yogurt into a mixing bowl. If I have a string of events to make pies for or multiple pies to make I'll get a big thing of plain yogurt and use a cup(or so) of it for each pie. Keep in mind that this is one of my made-up recipes and therefore has no exact measurements. 
Throw in some peanut butter, the important thing here is to try to make fairly equal parts.
Mix it together
Add whipped cream, again equal parts, try to make it about the same as the amount of peanut butter you used
They go crazy for peanut butter =]
Mix the whip cream into the peanut butter mix
Spread evenly into the bottom of the graham cracker crust (you could of course make your own but I'd rather leave people with a disposable pie plate)
Dump the pudding mix into a mixing bowl (this one is bigger- it's not the same one)
Add cold milk, about a cup and a half, or so.. -ish
Add whipped cream, about a cup or so and whisk it in (yes, I mixed the pudding first, sorry, forgot to get a picture in between)
Pour the pudding mix into the pie and spread evenly over the peanut butter mix
Spread out some more (yes more) whipped cream evenly over the pudding mix
Decorate as desired with chocolate syrup =]
This pie has done great by me, I've used it many many times and almost always get asked for the recipe by someone or other, I can throw it together in 20 minutes. It should be in the fridge to set up for an hour or so but it makes for tasty slop as well and if you've got the time, I'm told its really good frozen but I'm not crazy about frozen things so I have yet to see for myself, also, if you make it ahead of time and freeze it you can take it somewhere and let it sit out for a few(2-4) hours until the group is ready to make its way around to the dessert table. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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