Cherry-Limeade Jell-O =]

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Yes, I am aware that jell-o is quick, easy, cheap, etc.. Then why are you writing a blog on it? Well, I'm glad you asked, see, I was at the grocery store yesterday standing in th jell-o aisle and sonic's cherry-limeade came to mind, I also considered all the flavors I could pair with pineapple, but I went ahead and bought the cherry flavor and the lime flavor because it sounded like a good idea at the time was a very well thought out plan. I also got these little tiny jars(in the canning section by the zip-lock sandwich containers and such), they were adorable and I have big plans for them but for now I'm using them for what they are, perfectly sized jell-o molds. Because I'm not entirely committed to the cherry-limeade idea despite how great it sounds, I decided I want to layer the flavors rather than mix or swirl them, heres how they turned out:
You can use any flavors you want, these came out very Christmas-y looking which I suppose is to be expected when you mix red and green but I wasn't really thinking in that direction until I saw them in the fridge... anyway, heres what you'll need
I used the regular size jell-o packages (not the super huge family-size ones) and the tiny jars, they come in packs of 12 and thats exactly how many I needed
Bring 3/4 C water to a boil
Dissolve gelatin mix in boiling water (I did one color at a time)
In a mixing bowl have 1/2 C cold water with enough ice cubes to make 1 1/4 C, pour boiling water and dissolved gelatin into mixing bowl and stir until slightly thickened
Pour into tiny jars(remove any ice cubes) and put them in the fridge
right next to the pre-cooked grocery store chicken left over from last night.. Yes, I bake almost constantly but I buy pre-cooked dinner, and yes, I know how little sense that makes. I planned on leaving them for 30min before making the 2nd layer but ended up forgetting about them for an hour. Repeat the boiling dissolving mixing with cold water/ice and pour over the 1st layer, place back in the fridge for another 30min (or an hour if you're me..)
Then enjoy, they should be ready after that to either serve or put lids on them or whatever you plan to do with them. 

Enjoy =]


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