Cookie Dough Cupcakes - Part II

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Ok, so remember yesterday? If you don't then >HERE< if you do, great! Because this is what we're going to end up with today:
And heres what we need today:
And of course from yesterday:
Since we've already got the cookie dough made and frozen overnight all we need to do today is make the cupcake part, the recipe I found for these >HERE< calls for you to use a yellow cake mix from a box, now if thats what you want to do great, but I kinda think its cheating a little bit so I'm going to make a simple yellow cake and it goes like this:
Like my visual? I do better with maps and pictures than lists so here you go, preheat to 350, throw all this in the mixer for 2mins, I just put it in, turn it on and let it do its thing while I check facebook and my email get some other important stuff done then:
Throw in 2 eggs, I break them into a cup and break them up before throwing them into the mixer, this habit started when I had my own chickens for eggs because one time i went to make scrambled eggs and found a partially developed chick... so I check EVERY egg now no matter where I get it from just out of habit, besides it a good way to make sure you don't get egg shells in your cake. Anyway.. mix that for another 2mins..
Spoon into lined muffin tin..
Place frozen cookie dough balls in each cupcake
Bake 18-20mins or until you poke them with a toothpick and it comes out clean but no more than 20mins or the cookie dough will start to cookiefy and thats not what we want
They wont look incredibly done but they're fine
Yellow cake is typically topped with chocolate frosting so grab your favorite store bought frosting or make your favorite frosting recipe, I don't have a recipe that I used I just put a tablespoon of cocoa powder a whole bunch of powdered sugar a little bit of milk and a few tablespoons of softened butter in the mixer and added chocolate syrup to taste.. if I had cream cheese I would've added some of that to tone down the overly sweetness of it but its fine without.
Frost them!
and enjoy, they're quite amazing though the sweetness of my frosting is definitely taking away from the awesomeness =/ 

Happy Baking =]


★ SAM ★ Says:
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ok, that thing I said about the frosting being overly sweet, I take it back, these are even more amazing the second day, if they last that long =]

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