Pie Crust

Thursday, February 24, 2011
Yesterday I was going to make some pie crust so that today or tomorrow I could make some pie.. that didn't happen. So today I made pie crust and maybe tomorrow I'll make some form of pie =] 
Here is what all goes into basic pie crust:
Easy right? I mean its 3-4 ingredients that prettymuch everyone has on hand 24/7 right? Or am I crazy for assuming that? OK people who don't bake probably don't have flour or shortening just sitting in their cabinets, but I've never been one of those people. Anyway- my apologies, if you follow my blog you've probably learned that I don't actually own a measuring cup.. this cup holds about 2 C [ish] so the actual measurement for those of you hardcore to the T measure-ers out there is 1/2 C. I used 1/4 of my little ~2 C glass. 
We start off here, with the flour and a couple shakes of salt [I also don't have measuring spoons, sorry] in the mixer
This is the one time you DON'T soften the butter, yes I know we're using shortening, but I like butter flavored shortening.. so there. Actually if you keep it in the fridge great, if not, go ahead and throw it in the fridge for a while before making this, I'm not a big planner so I had it in the fridge for like 5mins.. yeah, I know big whoop right? Anyhoo- 
It will look all crumbly, thats good, its supposed to resemble crumbs before you add the water, I just added a little bit at a time until I liked the consistency, it should ball up for you
I was happy with it like this
Separate it into 2 equal[ish] sized balls
pull out ball #1 and put it on a sheet of plastic wrap [mine is on a cookie sheet]
And roll it out into a circle [ish] 
[here is the 2nd ball rolled out]
fold one edge of the plastic wrap over the circle, if you don't have that much excess it's fine an inch or two is sufficient. 
And, roll it up, you don't have to of course but I like to because it saves space and holds shape best this way. 
Here they are =] If you're planning on making your pie immediately I suggest putting these in the fridge for 4hrs prior to filling/baking. I plan on using one tomorrow so its in the fridge now and the other I'm saving for future use, it's in the freezer. 

Happy Baking!
Enjoy! =]


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