Puppy Chow

Friday, February 11, 2011
Today I made an old favorite, it's more of a snack than anything else, I've always called it puppy chow though I'm sure other people in various regions have various names for it and varying recipes.  I made mine with peanut butter today though I've also made it without.  I've gone as simple as squeezing a bottle of chocolate syrup into the bag to as complex (though also really easy) as melting chocolate chips, which is what I did today. Here is what it looks like:
By now you're probably saying "OH! That! yeah.. I know what you're talking about now.." So yeah, that. Heres what I used (oh, oh, p.s.- the chex = gluten free.. if you're into that):
The best way to melt the chocolate is in a glass bowl over boiling water like this (the wooden spoon is to let the steam out):
Use a spoon to smooth it out as it melts
While you're doing this, throw the peanut butter in the microwave in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds
put the chex in a gallon baggie and pour the peanut butter and melted chocolate over it
Then shake it up real good (I had to alter the color in this picture, don't shoot me)
The cleanup crew may try to get in on the shaking action and since its called puppy chow, I figured I'd let him get in there (no, he can't have any, its chocolate)
He's just dancin, too cute.. Anyways, add the powdered sugar next
and shake it all up again, be sure to shake it good and think of the powdered sugar as a protective coating to keep the chocolate and peanut butter from getting all over you, feel free to be generous with it
Pour into a bowl and serve! =] if it doesn't disappear immediately (which it probably will) you can put it into a clean bag for storage. Warning: this is a highly addictive snack but great for movies or anywhere you would normally put chips or trail mix or other mindless food items. 

Enjoy =]


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