Cookie Dough Cupcakes - Part I

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
I found this amazing recipe >HERE< but part of it involves waiting 2hrs... I'm really bad at stuff like that so I'm going to just leave them overnight, as weird as it sounds I think that would be easier, I don't keep track of time well. So heres Part I
The Goal:
And this is how we get there:
        You will need:
So, Put 1 1/2 C flour and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a mixing bowl..
Then in your mixer (if thats what you're using) put, 1/2 C butter, 1/2 C B. sugar, 1/4 C W. sugar, 1 egg and 2 teaspoons vanilla (yes, I know, I got a little button happy when I was softening the butter and maybe took things a little too far.. but it came out okay)
Break up the egg.. just because.
Then mix it all up..
Add the flour/baking soda a little bit at a time, I did it in two parts you can do more if you're more comfortable that way, my bowl is pretty deep so I wasn't too worried about making a mess.
add a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips, they're supposed to be minis but I had a brain malfunction at the store and got the regular kind, I'm sure it'll be fine..
and fold them into the dough -this is a great time to shove a handful of it in your mouth if you're into that sort of thing.. =] also- don't use your mixer for this step, use a wooden spoon or your hands.
Then roll the dough up into little balls, remember they're going into cupcakes later so size them accordingly
I made enough to fill my muffin tin 2x and had some left over..
I decided this would be lunch.. I guess if you're not into eating cookie dough -which, I don't know why you wouldn't be but, whatever floats your boat.. I guess you could get out another cookie sheet and bake the leftover into cookies.. but why? Anyways..
Find a nice flat spot in the freezer for them and tuck them in, tell them goodnight and you'll see them tomorrow =]

I can't wait until tomorrow, I'm pretty psyched =] these are going to be AWESOME! 


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