Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Monday, February 14, 2011
Okay, I found this recipe >HERE< now, this recipe makes A LOT, I would recommend a 1/2 recipe but, I went ahead and followed directions exactly and when I copy this recipe into my recipe book, I will be writing down a 1/2 recipe. OH! And, Because everyone seems to be concerned about my health, I went ahead and made myself a ham/cheese omelet this morning to try to ct down the amount of cookie dough I expected to eat.. on the plus side, I got some protein in me... but I think I ate just as much cookie dough as I would've otherwise. I'll also say that this recipe is great for those of us who like eating dough as we work, it's great! Here is what we're going for:
This is how we're going to get there:

Cream together:
I forgot to add eggs here and got ready to roll out my dough and couldn't figure out why it was so crumbly.. then saw my eggs sitting on the counter...
Then it should look something like this:
So get your hands in there and make it look like this:
then roll about a 1/3 of it out like this:

My table was covered in these, you have to chill them for 2hrs, i stacked them up on a cookie sheet to keep their flatness in tact
Then get them out and peel them apart
Yeah buddy! Smear that all around
I used the back of a spoon
cover it, yeeeuh buddy! (I like fattening foods ok.. but at least I admit it)
Cover that with brown sugar
sprinkle on the cinnamon
start rolling them up so you get a long roll
This is a good time to preheat the oven... 350
Remember how I said this recipe makes A LOT... yeah...
And I had 2 more rectangles after that... I ended up freezing 4 rolls for later baking
Use a butter knife to slice off little cookie size rolls and put them on a cookie sheet and bake 9-11mins, I put mine in for 10 and they came out pretty good
Here they are at about 5mins
And finished
I used cream cheese frosting, 1 block cream cheese, 1 C powdered sugar, a splash of milk, cream together until smooth
Frost them...
I was pretty happy with how these turned out but again, I would use a half recipe in the future, if I had baked them all I'd have more cookies than I would know what to do with..

Happy baking =]


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