Mini Oreo Cupcakes

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
For today's yummy goodness I found the recipe >HERE<. The recipe calls for a box of cake mix, which I feel is cheating debated subbing a real chocolate cake for but, for the sake of following directions I gave in and bought a box of cake mix.. now I know that I made my yellow cake from scratch for the >cookie dough cupcakes< that I made not too long ago but this is different.. somehow... and after making them, I now know why this decision was made: the cake mix I used made the fluffiest lightest cupcakes I've ever tasted, like little chocolate clouds..  Anyways.. Heres how they turned out:
Oooh yeah! So heres what you'll need:
And, I kinda feel like this picture is a lie, you know? Because the box cake requires another 3 eggs, 1 1/3 C water and 1/2 C oil.. but your box may be different ..

Fill each tin about 1/2 way with cake mix
put a spoon full of cream cheese mixture into each tin 
Then add a mini oreo to each and cover with more cake mix
Bake 19-22 mins (I baked them 20mins and they came out perfect)
I found my mini cupcake tin buried under all my cookie sheets and whatnot under the stove so I made some MINI mini oreo cupcakes as well, they turned out adorable =]
This is one of the MINI ones
Heres the inside of them
And of course the full size version, which was a little neater on the inside. These were SO good, not sure if the bigger ones were worth the extra effort of putting stuff in them since you could hardly taste it but the little ones, AMAZING. I didn't have any cake batter left over and my last batch was a little stretched but in all fairness I got an extra tin full of little ones as well as my first batch being a bit on the fat side, I may have to trim them. 

Enjoy! =]
Happy Baking!


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