Coffee Cup Brownies

Monday, February 7, 2011
So this morning I woke up to this:

And I hate snow. I don't know if you can tell from these pictures but those snowflakes are HUGE, like the size of silver dollars. It was is crazy, its still coming down =(
So my first instinct was to get the oven going, but when I picked up my camera to get things going (I was going to start with pictures of the snow) my camera looked something like this:
So I put it on the charger and had a bowl of cereal while deciding what to bake today.. I'm pretty sure by now its charged so here we go =]
This is everything you will need, you technically don't need the vanilla but I add it to prettymuch everything so.. theres that. 
Put 4 tablespoons of flour in the mug..
Then add 4 Tablespoons of sugar...
Add 2 tablespoons of cocoa (which you would have in your cabinet if you made the oreos last week)
Put the egg in there too..
Use a fork to break up the egg, I find them easier to mix when they're broken up some before you mix the whole thing
Add 3 tablespoons of milk
And 3 tablespoons of oil
Mix it all up, and note: this tastes nowhere near as good as brownie batter from a box... sorry, but I'm a huge fan of eating dough/batter as you go, this recipe is highly non-conducive to that..
Put it in the microwave for 3mins
Tell the clean-up crew that you're sorry but chocolate is bad for them..
Crappy picture, I know and I apologize, but it will rise like this at about a minute and a half left
Don't worry though it goes back down
It looks wet and kinda gross and you'll want to put it back in but DON'T, its fine, it'll dry out in a second
Grab you a fork and dig in =] 
Eat it warm, it gets dry if you don't, the warm makes up for the dry some. I found this recipe online >HERE< sorry, the link doesn't go directly to the recipe but thats the site it came from. 

Happy baking =]


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